Lutronic Inc, Princeton Junction, NJ, received regulatory clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the new AccuSculpt™ Laser Lipolysis System. Lutronic is a developer and manufacturer of medical laser systems for dermatological and aesthetic surgery applications.

AccuSculpt is the first and only pulsed Nd:YAG laser to deliver the 1444 nm wavelength for deep tissue heating. To meet consumer demand for less invasive body shaping procedures and ease concerns about cost and recovery time, the AccuSculpt system is designed to safely and efficiently emulsify fat, improve physical contouring and the appearance of skin laxity, as well as reduce bruising and other side effects commonly associated with liposuction and other LAL treatments. Patients experience virtually little to no downtime following treatment.

AccuSculpt is indicated for Laser Assisted Lipolysis (LAL) and is further indicated for the surgical incision, excision, vaporization, ablation, and coagulation of soft tissue. All soft tissue is included, such as skin, cutaneous tissue, subcutaneous tissue, striated and smooth tissue, muscle, cartilage, meniscus, mucous membrane, lymph vessels and nodes, organs and glands.

[Source: Lutronic Inc]