Plastic surgery rates have surged in places like New York and Los Angeles with the rise of public figures like the Kardashians and the Hadids.

And the Trump administration seems to have caused a similar trend in the nation’s capital.

‘With people like Ivanka and Melania, who are both pretty plastic surgery friendly, being featured both locally and nationally, it makes people curious,’ Dr Michael Somenek, a DC-based plastic surgeon told Daily Mail Online.

And the surge has never been more stark than now as the August recess was pushed back, flooding plastic surgery waiting rooms with patients who are trying to find a time to squeeze in an appointment.

Recess is usually a time that people in Washington are able to take time off and vacation.

It’s also serves as the perfect opportunity for anyone who needs a quick nip tuck before heading back to the Hill in September.

But this year’s delay due to the ultimately failed attempt to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act has forced politicians to forego procedures or find a time to reschedule.

‘We have to be flexible,’ another local plastic surgeon, Dr Ariel Rad, explained.

‘There’s a lot of shuffling around of our schedule, but with politicians we do expect it to an extent and it’s our job.’