After Ivanka Trump stepped into the national spotlight, there have been plenty of reports of women undergoing plastic surgeries in an effort to recreate some of the First Daughter’s features. Some people are such fans of her appearance, that they’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars for procedures like breast implants, fat grafting, liposuction, and rhinoplasties to look like Trump.

Tiffany Taylor is one woman who has gotten extensive work done—13 procedures over the span of a year, to be specific—to look like Trump, coming forward to tell her story (and request another surgery!) on the newest episode of Botched. The show’s plastic surgeons, Terry Dubrow, MD, and Paul Nassif, MD, however, have some concerns.

According to clips from the episode and ABC’s Nightline, Taylor underwent two breast augmentations (to a size D), a rhinoplasty, fillers and fat grafts in her cheeks, a mini eyelift and liposuction on stomach and buttocks, among others. When the doctors expressed concern asking if she’d been under anesthesia 13 times in a year, Taylor claimed that she’s only been under general anesthesia three times and did a few procedures in combination. She said that even though she’s always been “so pretty,” she finds her new look to be “more elegant now.”

In the episode, Dr. Dubrow also pushed Taylor to understand if there was an impetus for her sudden series surgeries. Taylor mentioned that she had recently ended a 10-year marriage. Speaking to the camera, Dr. Dubrow comments. “You have to be very careful with those individuals to make sure they’re doing it for the right reasons and they don’t have unrealistic expectations. That can be a real red flag.” The Botched doctors continue to reject Taylor’s request for a second rhinoplasty.