Because the mommy makeover is a sought-after option at her practice, Baltimore-based plastic surgeon Carrie Houssock, MD, FACS, considers it her duty to educate patients about this treatment. Below, Houssock, the owner and medical director of JEV Plastic Surgery & Medical Aesthetics, lists four important factors for mothers to consider before undergoing a mommy makeover:

1.The surgery may warrant an extensive recovery period. 

Houssock explains that, depending on the incorporated treatments, a mommy makeover can require several weeks or months of recovery. “In order for incisions to heal properly and surgical results to remain intact, patients should plan to get sufficient rest and relaxation following the surgery,” she states, adding that this is not always an easy feat for mothers with small children. “If possible, patients should arrange childcare beforehand.” 

2. The procedures in a mommy makeover are not limited to body and breast surgeries.

While certain body and breast enhancement surgeries are often incorporated into a mommy makeover, Houssock reminds patients that the treatment is entirely customizable. For example, a patient with excess abdominal skin or fat may choose to include a tummy tuck, whereas a patient whose concerns are more specific to the breasts may opt for breast augmentation or mastopexy. Alternatively, Houssock explains, patients may wish to include a facial enhancement surgery, a non-surgical skin rejuvenation procedure, or even a hair restoration treatment. 

3. Following a healthy lifestyle after the procedure can help preserve results. 

According to Houssock, the effects of a mommy makeover, while not always permanent, can be extremely long-lasting if a patient adheres to a nutritious diet and exercise routine following surgery. She adds that living a healthy lifestyle can keep unwanted fat, ptosis (sagging), and wrinkles from returning, as well as encourage the body to appear young and fit. 

4. Ultimately, the success of a mommy makeover depends on the surgeon. 

“Choosing an experienced, ethical, board-certified plastic surgeon is imperative when undergoing any cosmetic procedure—especially in regard to a treatment as personalized and variable as the mommy makeover, the patient needs to feel safe with her surgeon,” says Houssock. She advocates that patients conduct thorough research on the prospective surgeon to determine that their credentials, experience, and skills qualify them as a satisfactory physician. 

Houssock also encourages patients to choose a trustworthy surgeon with whom they can communicate well. “While the decision to have a mommy makeover can feel overwhelming, the right surgeon should make the patient feel confident in her decision,” she concludes, reminding patients that they have the right to ask questions of their surgeon at any time.