For many women, one of the most momentous events in their lives is giving birth to a child. However, the physical after-effects of childbirth can be life-altering. Denver resident Jen Melinto experienced firsthand what seven kids would eventually do to her body. However, she never anticipated the life-changing mommy makeover from Ryan Neinstein, MD, FRCSC, of New York City-based Neinstein Plastic Surgery was about to afford her.

“I loved my body for allowing me to give birth to seven beautiful children, but I also felt embarrassed of the physical appearance that ultimately followed,” Melinto says. Mothers can face lingering physical and cosmetic damages such as loose skin, deflated and sagging breasts, core muscle separation, and the accumulation of stubborn fat deposits. Neinstein has developed a business catering to these women with an array of innovative, life-changing procedures he calls “mommy makeovers.”

“Diet and exercise can only go so far when we talk about the deflation of nipples and breasts, resistant fatty deposits, and permanent abdominal muscle separation,” says Neinstein. “We tailor every mommy makeover to each client, and that’s why we have the best results in the business.”

The most popular procedure at Neinstein‘s practice is the Lipo 360, which Melinto received. It involves advanced liposuction to the front and back of the torso and pelvic region, providing major changes to the recipient’s entire body. Typically, Neinstein performs these procedures together with tummy tucks and C-section shelf repairs to produce the pronounced results he is recognized for. 

“I look better than I did before I had my seven kids, which cannot be stressed enough,” Melinto says.

When asked why Melinto decided to fly to New York City to receive treatment by Neinstein, her answer was mostly about safety. “I’ve read everywhere that Dr. Ryan Neinstein is the surgeon’s surgeon, which really stuck with me. If there’s a doctor out there that other top doctors trust and use, it seems like a no-brainer to choose that practitioner,” Melinto says.

Neinstein has comprised a team of board-certified anesthesiologists that perform operations alongside him. He also serves on the safety committee for the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and has authored multiple continuing education, innovation, safety, and procedural papers used by surgeons worldwide.

As for Melinto, she has already pointed her sister to Neinstein‘s office. “My sister is receiving a mommy makeover from Dr. Neinstein next week! She’s a mom of two and is suffering from similar issues I had, and now she’s determined to get back to the best version of herself,” says Melinto.

When asked about the most rewarding part about recreating, resculpting, and giving back confidence to moms across the globe, Neinstein says: “I’m a son, a dad, a new dad, and a husband. People don’t understand what women go through medically to keep the human race from going extinct. It’s my duty and obligation to renew the confidence of these women so they can continue running the world.”