Frustrated with endless Kegel exercises, hormone creams and adult diapers, more women are turning to procedures that address the changes that occur as women age. As more celebrities like Sonja Morgan, Kelly Dodd, and Jada Pinkett Smith share their intimate stories – the conversation about women’s intimate health is finally opening up.

Gynecologists have witnessed a soaring interest in women’s intimate health solutions driven by awareness and demand, as well as new and improved technologies. Once a topic that was considered taboo, women are now researching all of their options from surgery to energy-based treatments.

While some women undergo these procedures to improve comfort, others want to revive their self-confidence and intimacy. Many women suffer in silence, which can have a devastating effect on a woman’s self-esteem and relationships.

Until recently, there has been an unmet need for a home-use device that can serve the triple purpose of an affordable alternative to in-office treatments, an introduction to in-office solutions, as well as a complement to in-office options. The vFit PLUS is a home-use system that is designed to address the delicate pelvic floor in a safe and effective way, according to a media release from Kelz PR.

Developed by Colette Courtion, a femtech entrepreneur and mother of a 3-year-old son, this system harnesses the power of red light energy and gentle heat in a convenient, easy to use, and elegant handheld unit, at an affordable price.

In light of the recent FDA warning that called out several manufacturers who were promoting devices that did not have all the clinical data to support their claims, vFit PLUS is designated by the FDA as a low-risk general wellness device for the improvement of intimate wellness.

[Source: Kelz PR]