Farmington Hills, Mich.-based Aesthetic Plastic Surgery & Laser Center, led by board-certified surgeon Michelle Hardaway, MD, FACS, announces a rising trend in arm lift procedures, with a significant surge noticed among post-bariatric surgery patients and those using recent weight loss drugs.

The growing demand for arm lifts, particularly after weight loss, is becoming an increasingly popular way for patients to feel more comfortable in their clothes and with their bodies. The trend underscores the transformative impact aesthetic surgeries can have on people’s physical health and self-esteem.

Explaining this surge, Hardaway says, “We’re observing an increased interest in arm lifts from patients who’ve recently undergone significant weight loss, either through bariatric surgery or certain weight loss drugs, such as Ozempic. This surgical procedure, also known as brachioplasty, helps patients tighten and tone their upper arms, enhancing their overall appearance.”

An arm lift is a surgical procedure that sculpts the upper arm by removing excess skin and fat. This has proven particularly beneficial for post-bariatric and weight-loss drug users who may experience excess, sagging skin.

“Many patients express increased comfort and confidence in exposing their arms and wearing a wider range of clothing styles following their procedures,” adds Hardaway.