Allergan plc today launches a new multi-channel direct-to-consumer campaign for CoolSculpting, titled “Not Cool vs. Cool,” which includes a national traditional and digital media effort and two new brand ambassadors: figure skating superstar Johnny Weir and elite golfer Ian Poulter. CoolSculpting is the only FDA-cleared, non-surgical treatment to freeze away stubborn fat.

┬áThe “Not Cool vs Cool” campaign takes a lighthearted approach to extreme fat-loss methods and juxtaposes the ‘cool’ proven CoolSculpting treatment with these ‘not cool’ fictitious, fat-loss methods.

To that end, CoolSculpting is partnering with Weir and Poulter, known for embodying “cool” on the ice and the green, to support awareness campaigns via their respective digital video series, online assets and media events. Both Weir and Poulter have had CoolSculpting treatments.

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