Cosmofrance Inc, Miami, has introduced Dermasculpt, an FDA-approved blunt-tip microcannula for non-bruising and practically painless cosmetic injections. The Dermasculpt microcannulas are used to administer facial fillers in conjunction with the Skin Sculpting Technique (SST) to alleviate patient anxiety & discomfort and maximize results.

The main benefits of the Skin Sculpting Technique™ (SST) using Dermasculpt ® microcannulas include virtually no bruising,  considerably less pain, single point of entry for wider coverage, and production of new collagen, according to a press release from the company.

Discussed by renowned dermatologist Susan Weinkle, MD, and others, SST using the Dermasculpt is being credited as the most important innovation in the field since the invention of the HA filler 15 years ago, according to Cosmofrance.

The mechanical stimulation of fibroblast generates new collagen which is triggered by the Dermasculpt microcannula’s back and forth motion. SST allows the practitioner to literally sculpt the skin, recreating volume and erasing wrinkles and folds in the tear valley and dark eye circles, temples, nasolabial folds, buccal fat pads, marionette lines, upper & lower lips, chin, and the hands.

[Source: Cosmofrance/Businesswire]