These Bridesmaids Were Told to Lose Weight and Get Plastic Surgery

Bridesmaids know that certain requirements usually come with their role: purchasing a dress, attending or hosting events such as the bridal shower and bachelorette party, and, of course, being by the bride’s side on her big day. But some brides are taking their requests—scratch that, demands—to the next level by asking members of their bridal parties to alter their physical appearances before the wedding.


The New York Post recently interviewed several brides and bridesmaids about the phenomenon, which more than anything made us grateful we’re not in any of the weddings they’re planning. One bride detailed how she requested that all of her bridesmaids “get fit,” and that she even told a bridesmaid who had just given birth that she needed to “lose a few pounds.” The same bride also forbade her bridesmaids from wearing swimsuits with straps during her bachelorette party to prevent tan lines, commanded that another bridesmaid get her earlobe cosmetically fixed so that she could wear chandelier earrings on the big day, and requested that all her bridesmaids get hair extensions.

Another bride interviewed by the Post has reportedly instructed her entire bridal party to follow a diet, including a set meal plan, in the weeks prior to her wedding. “They’re going to be standing up there with me, so they want to look good and feel good too,” she said. A maid of honor who spoke out in the article revealed how her sister—the bride—has demanded that she get a spray tan, grow her hair out, and keep it dyed blonde. “I’m pretty sure if I weren’t already attempting to get in shape, she’d probably make comments about that too,” she added.

We’ve heard stories like these before: One bridesmaid’s anecdote went viral last summer when she posted on Reddit about how the bride had requested she dye her naturally red hair to brown to fit in better with the bridal party. More horror stories shared on the website Whisper reveal outrageous asks from brides, from a demand that a bridesmaid cover up her tattoos to a request that a bridesmaid get a breast reduction. Plastic surgeons, meanwhile, are increasingly reporting that bridal parties are coming in for filler and Botox — while gyms are creating special bridal boot camp packages and bachelorette parties have become more wellness-focused.