A recent large-scale survey on the subject of Millennials and Cosmetic Procedures administered by ZALEA indicates that this younger generation is open to the idea of undergoing a cosmetic procedure but are very particular about how they make their decisions.

One of the most startling revelations is that close to 40% of Millennials have either undergone a cosmetic procedure or are considering a procedure in the next 12 months, according to ZALEA, in a media release.

“Millennials represent the future consumers of aesthetic medicine,” says Dr Christopher Zachary MD, Professor and Chair Department of Dermatology, University of California, Irvine and ZALEA Editor-In-Chief. “Their understanding of new media and their facility for seeking current information will drive them toward new providers of their choice. The ZALEA millennial survey provides a useful perceptual graphic of this process which should not be ignored.”

Of those survey respondents that had a procedure before or were considering one in the next year. 75% of the respondents trusted family/friends and physicians as a source of information. Nearly 50% of the respondents trusted Google search results, and over 50% of the respondents do not trust social media networks and surprisingly, celebrity endorsements were trusted the least with only 10% of the respondents citing these sources as influencing their decision to have a cosmetic procedure.

When asked, which type of provider this age group would prefer to have perform their cosmetic procedures, dermatologists (85%) and plastic surgeons (75%) topped the list; followed by OB/GYN’s and family practice physicians at 67%. Both MediSpa’s and Registered nurses would be considered (but not as the first choice) by over 50% of the respondents. Factors that most influence the decision to have a procedure and where to go were provider’s credentials (90%); followed by ratings/reviews (84%) and price (78%).

“By and large, this younger Millennial generation appears to express a stronger acceptance and willingness to consider cosmetic procedures, than the older generations,” says ZALEA Co-founder Louis Scafuri. “This survey indicates that these kinds of procedures are becoming considerably more socially acceptable. Millennials are savvy and have distinct expectations particularly around non-invasive procedures which means that providers of technology and procedures should all take notice.”

When asked how long is an acceptable time to wait for an appointment, respondents indicated that accessibility was a major concern. Wait times for appointments less than two weeks were acceptable to 55% of the respondents—but 30% want the appointment in less than 1 week. This set of responses is indicative that price and accessibility are a strong factor and most likely impacted the survey respondents’ response to provider loyalty where only 33% of the millennials who responded stated that they would return to a provider that they had been to before for other cosmetic treatments.

ZALEA’s conclusion is that Millennials largely shop for cosmetic procedure providers based on credentials, price and accessibility as top considerations. The reliance on social media influencers and celebrity endorsements appears to have less impact than other considerations.

The study indicates that there appears to be a high demand for accurate, unbiased information about cosmetic procedures from potential patients. Millennials are making decisions based on what they’re reading online and it’s becoming critically important to their health and well-being that they have access to credible information that will help them make the most informed decisions and do what’s right for them.

[Source: ZALEA]