Breast-Enlargement.net is a user-friendly Web site that offers information to inform patients on what to expect before deciding to undergo breast enlargement surgery. The Web site includes articles about types of implants, benefits of having breast enhancement surgery, and the risks involved.

"Over twenty thousand women undergo breast enhancement surgery every year," says Julie Anne Smith, CEO of the Web site. "This plastic surgery has come out of the closet and become part of normal dinner table conversation. It’s not just for women who want a self-esteem boost, but also for women who have had mastectomies, or lost significant amounts of weight, and want to reclaim their sense of self. By providing information in a nonthreatening, nonjudgmental format, we are helping women considering this surgery go into their consultation appointments knowing what to expect."

Knowing what not to expect is also on the menu. The site cautions that not all women are good breast enlargement candidates, citing allergies to silicone as a possible contraindication. News files offer up-to-date information on studies of post-surgical results from around the country, and share new trends in aesthetic surgery. One article titled "Same-Day Breast Reconstruction Improves Self Esteem," suggests that cancer patients have a plastic surgeon present during their mastectomy consultations.

"We see ourselves as being a source of help and encouragement to women who are considering breast implants, but feel insecure about the end results, or the reactions from friends and family," says Smith. "We want to assist surgical candidates in identifying their strengths, and diminishing their uncertainty. For most women who have this procedure, the benefits far outweigh any initial concerns."

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