Want to fix your nose as well as your lips?

You may not need to go under the knife – injecting filler into your nose can do both.

A rhinoplasty, or nose-reshaping procedure, elongates the tip of the nose using filler, or in some cases plastic surgery can be used.

Now scientists at the University of Illinois at Chicago, have found that a welcome side-effect of the op can help you achieve that perfect pout.

When the nose is injected with filler, and is elongated it pulls the patient’s top lip upwards, making it appear more plump.

And experts suggest that women and men can use this technique to get a better pout, without actually having to touch their lips at all.

Dr Eric Cerrati, lead author of the study, said: “In this case series, a long-lasting causal association between the upper lip and the nasal tip was discovered; as nasal tip projection is increased, upper lip projection is also increased.

“The increased upper lip projection, along with a less acute nasolabial angle [angle between the nose and the lips], is characteristic of a more youthful appearance.”