By Michael Lee, MD

A breast lift can certainly be a very exciting and satisfying procedure for women dealing with the pain and embarrassment of drooping, sagging breasts. This purpose of the procedure is to remove excessive skin and tissue from the breasts, giving them a more vibrant, youthful look. To ensure your breast lift surgery produces the results desired, follow these tips during your recovery process.

Pain Management

Many patients are concerned about the pain they might experience after their procedure. Fortunately, most will be happy to find out that the pain level is not as high as they expect and easily manageable with pain medication. To make certain your pain remains under control, make arrangements to rest the first few days by using the help and support of a relative or close friend. The more rest you can get in the first few days following surgery, the better you are likely to feel.

Sleeping Positions and Bathing

The best sleeping position after breast lift surgery should be on your back. Avoid sleeping on your stomach for the first week or two to prevent additional pain and hindrance with the healing process. Bathing must consist of sponge baths until your sutures are gone. It is very likely you will have trouble raising your hands above your head for the first couple days.

Treating Incision Areas

It is crucial to treat your incisions with extra care after surgery to ensure proper incision healing and minimal scarring. Surgical dressings applied to the area should be kept clean and dry until the incisions have completely closed. In your first visit after surgery, the dressings and sutures will be removed and you will be given postoperative garments to wear for several weeks.

Incisions must be kept out of sunlight while they are healing. It’s also important not to smoke during the recovery process to ensure the best scarring results. Topical solutions may also be used to reduce the amount of scarring you experience after surgery.

Support Garment

Once your dressings are removed, you’ll be given a special support bra that ensures healthy blood circulation as well as proper healing of the area. You must wear this garment and avoid underwire bras until your physician tells you it’s safe to wear them again. Once you are done with the support garment, you can switch to your comfortable bras.

Take Enough Time to Heal

Like other breast procedures, a breast lift uses anesthesia and incisions. The body will need adequate time to recuperate after surgery, which means you will likely need to take sufficient time off of work and activities. The more you are able to rest and avoid excessive movement, the faster your breasts will heal.

Michael Lee, MD, is a double board certified plastic surgeon and ENT who practices at Park Cities Cosmetic Surgery in Dallas.