Social media star Bunnie DeFord recently shared a video to TIkTok of her explanted breast implants, which she had for 13 years. The video, which has since gone viral, shows two moldy breast implants floating in gallon-sized Ziploc bags. DeFord attributes the quality of the implants to her symptoms of breast implant illness and, thus, decision to explant.

“They’ve just been sitting,” she says in the video while jiggling the clouded, translucent orb between her fingers. “Look at that. That goes inside a human body. Look at the mold. No wonder women are having so many complications with these things.”

DeFord, host of the Dumb Blonde podcast, went on to share her experience with a controversial disease called breast implant illness. “I started suffering so many symptoms that not one doctor could pinpoint,” the caption reads. But after getting her implants removed “all symptoms went away, except anxiety sometimes.”

DeFord claims her explant—when an implant is removed—was the “best decision” she ever made. “Please make sure to talk to someone if you think your implants are causing breast implant illness. We don’t have to suffer on our quest for perfection babies,” she wrote in text over the video.

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