Establishment Labs Holdings Inc launches JOY, a new patient-centric breast aesthetics program.

Women who select JOY will receive Establishment Labs’ newest generation Motiva Ergonomix2 implants through a network of plastic surgeons as well as a patient support program. JOY is being unveiled at the 6th World Symposium on Ergonomic Implants in Gardone Riviera, Italy.

JOY includes the Motiva Woman’s Choice Program, which allows women with JOY, subject to certain terms and conditions, to receive financial support from Establishment Labs should they choose to have their implants removed. Women with JOY may also have the option to visit surgeons who commit to reversing the procedure at no additional cost. In addition to the Woman’s Choice Program, JOY also includes Establishment Labs’ Always Confident Warranty, the Motiva Extended Warranty, and other benefits.

The Motiva Ergonomix2 implants included with JOY offer all the benefits of Establishment Labs’ Ergonomix implants, including SmoothSilk surface technology, ProgressiveGel Ultimate, and RFID enablement, as well as several new technologies, including Motiva SuperSilicones, TrueMonobloc+, and BluSeal+. These advances offer enhanced ergonomy, extra soft feel, and more natural movement. Motiva Ergonomix2 implants are available exclusively through the JOY program.

“JOY is the embodiment of Establishment Labs’ commitment to support women in their breast aesthetics journey with advanced technologies and an exceptional experience,” says Juan José Chacón-Quirós, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Establishment Labs. “JOY is a transition for Establishment Labs as well, as this is the foundation for a new digital model that speaks directly with women considering breast surgery. By combining our best-in-class Ergonomix2 implants with the Woman’s Choice Program, JOY elevates the standard in breast aesthetics.”

Plastic surgeons in the JOY program may receive specialized medical education that includes training on optimizing outcomes and reducing complications and on specialized techniques, like Motiva MinimalScar and MotivaHybrid. For more information and to be connected to qualified surgeons, visit JOY by Motiva.

[Source(s): Establishment Labs Holdings Inc, Business Wire]