Newport Beach, Calif.-based SSK Plastic Surgery announces that its founder Sean Kelishadi, MD, FACS, a board-certified plastic surgeon, will be a keynote speaker at Plastic Surgery: The Meeting Conference, which takes place later this week in Boston. 

Kelishadi will present at “Let’s Talk Support: Mesh and Biologics in Aesthetic Breast Surgery,” providing wide-ranging education on the options and approaches available to complicated breast patients. In addition, Kelishadi will cover techniques to improve patient outcomes through synthetic mesh support.

Within the aesthetic breast surgery field, specifically relating to implants, internal bras and synthetic mesh support have become increasingly popular. During his address, Kelishadi will explain how mesh support improves pocket control, decreases pressure on soft-tissue envelopes, and allows for a more predictable and safer surgical outcome. Implants tend to stress the soft tissue and cause a surgically created stretch of boundaries, leading to malposition (poor cleavage, armpit boobs, bottoming out, etc.). 

Kelishadi will share his expert insights on how mesh support alleviates these complications. He will also dissect some of the other benefits of mesh support, such as how mesh allows for greater durability for any implant size and decreases the visibility of scarring.

“I am thrilled to address the medical community as one of the four expert panelists at the largest plastic surgery showcasing. Internal bras and mesh support are trending topics in improving patient outcomes,” says Kelishadi. “As a leader and innovator in plastic surgery, I have published my research in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal Open Forum on using the Polydioxanone Internal Support Matrix. I look forward to sharing this research and my knowledge with the attendees.”