The Aesthetic Society, a 2,600-member organization of board-certified plastic surgeons devoted to aesthetic plastic surgery, announces that Aesthetic One, a free app developed through support from Allergan Aesthetics® and built by The Aesthetic Society’s technology partner ANZU®, to inform and empower patients and plastic surgeons, has registered more than 22,000 breast implants since launching in December 2021. 

The Aesthetic One app is the only implant registration platform that empowers patients with lifetime, on-demand access to their breast implant info and operative summary. The HIPAA-compliant platform also features a paired app for patients allowing surgeons to share breast implant ID cards, operative summaries, photos, and more.

“I use Aesthetic One because of how easy implant registration is. I’m proud to be among the 570-plus physicians who invest in their patients by using Aesthetic One to provide their vital breast implant data,” says Nolan Karp, MD, plastic surgeon, and Aesthetic Society member and chair of the Aesthetic One Committee. “Aesthetic One users have registered over 22,000 breast implants—a milestone that keeps patients informed and empowered.”

Aesthetic One was created as a direct result of the March 2019 meeting of the U.S. FDA General and Plastic Surgery Devices Panel discussing the safety and risks of breast implants. The Panel heard from members of The Aesthetic Society, patient advocates and manufacturers. There was a clear need for improved patient monitoring and collection of critical data, crucial steps to keep patients informed so they better understand risks associated with breast implants.

Aesthetic One addresses the concerns around device tracking and long-term implant safety. The 2019 FDA hearings highlighted the need for better long-term implant safety data as physicians, regulators, patients, and the media examined the incidence and impact of BII and BIA-ALCL. The Aesthetic One development team worked directly with high-volume implant physicians to develop an app that not only addresses concerns about device tracking and patient safety but also simplifies the registration process for physicians and staff. 

During focus groups and development meetings, physicians expressed that existing registries are time-consuming, hard to access, and fail to empower patients with details of their implants and surgical procedure. The team also sought to create a platform that would save the office time and improve data storage and access for the practice. Aesthetic One is a quick and easy digital implant registration option that replaces antiquated triplicate forms and faxes with a digital solution available on any device.

All implants registered with the Aesthetic One app are stored in a digital library permanently accessible to the physician and patient, empowering both with on-demand access to critical data.

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