As reported recently by the Associated Press, North Dakota's Supreme Court is mulling over whether or not breast implant surgery should be considered as part of a divorce case. Though the case does attempt something new — to place an actual monetary value on someone's breast implants post-surgery — the issue has not received much attention in the media. 

Attorney Christina Sambor argues that cosmetic surgery is expensive, and she says its value should be counted when a husband and wife divide up their assets in a divorce.

Sambor represents Erik Isaacson of Mandan. She spoke to the Supreme Court today during arguments in the case.

When Erik Isaacson was divorced from his wife Traci, he listed the surgery as a $5,000 benefit to his wife. South Central District Judge Robert Wefald refused to count the expense against Traci, saying it would be ridiculous to do so. Wefald's decision is being appealed.

Traci Isaacson's attorney, Sherry Mills Moore, says Erik Isaacson barely mentioned the issue during the couple's divorce trial. Moore says it wouldn't be right to consider it on appeal.

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