As breast augmentation has become more and more popular, the demand for inconspicuous incisions has grown. Patients now have the option of having breast augmentation performed through periareolar, inframammary-crease, or axillary incisions. It is important that plastic surgeons discuss the available options with their patients.

For some patients, the periareolar incision interferes with their ability to breastfeed when they become pregnant after having breast augmentation. Inframammary-crease and axillary incisions lead to fewer complications with breast feeding and conceal the incision as well as or better than the periareolar incision.

Breast augmentation with an axillary incision allows the plastic surgeon to use the natural crease of the armpit and perform the procedure using an endoscope. Any resulting scars are concealed in the armpit, far from the breast.

The decision of whether to use an axillary incision depends largely on the patient’s body type, breast size, and how well the breasts will be able to conceal the incisions.

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