We continue to hear about the rise of “cosmetic tourism” and the risks involved—women have even died from plastic surgery complications performed by unqualified “doctors” overseas.

One stat we hadn’t heard, until now, comes from plastic surgeon and professor Dr. Ash Mosahebi of London, and says more than one in 10 breast patients end up losing a nipple as the result of botched breast surgeries in foreign countries.

As reported on by DailyMail, a study conducted by Dr. Mosahebi and his colleagues, presented this month at the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) annual scientific meeting in London, revealed the types of “injuries suffered at the hands of overseas clinics”—predominantly Turkey, Lithuania and the Czech Republic—including “lifelong deformities to people’s breasts.”

In terms of breast surgery specifically, Dr. Mosahebi said, “Women can lose their nipples as a result of ‘poor surgical planning.’ If the nipple is not moved properly, it’s then starved of blood and ends up going black and [becoming] infected.”

The study analyzed the results of cosmetic surgeries (most commonly breast enlargement or reduction) performed on women ages 25–60 abroad between 2015 and 2017. Dr. Mosahebi reports that some patients with breast implants ended up developing infections or sepsis, which may have resulted in death, and others required the use of skin grafts to reconstruct the damage caused during the surgery.