For the first time ever, Americans spent more than $15 billion on combined surgical and nonsurgical procedures, according to the latest statistics reported by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS).

There was an 11% increase in total procedures from 2015 to 2016, representing a $1.5 billion increase in overall expenditures.

Surgical procedures accounted for 56% and nonsurgical for 44% of the total spend.

Daniel Mills, M.D., president of ASAPS, is not at all surprised by the results of the society’s Cosmetic Surgery National Data Bank Statistics survey.

“We have seen increases year-over-year for quite awhile now,” Dr. Mills tells Cosmetic Surgery Times. “With so many options available, and with techniques and procedures improving each year, there is truly something for everyone, from non-invasive procedures like chemical peels to slightly invasive like the age-defying injectables to the more invasive surgeries.”

Surgery, of course, tends to produce the best results, “which are long-term and in some cases, permanent,” Dr. Mills says.

The past year also included significant growth in fat grafting to the face (17%) and breast (41%).

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