Forehead flap nasal reconstruction may be safe and effective as an outpatient procedure in older patients.

The researchers retrospectively analyzed 420 patients with an average age older than 65 years who underwent forehead flap nasal reconstruction. All procedures were performed over a 10-year period by a single clinician. Factors that underwent analysis included “defect location, pedicle design, time of division, number of stages, use of cartilage grafts, lining reconstruction, donor site closure and complications,” according to the results.

Results indicated an average duration to pedicle division of 32 days. Two stages of reconstruction were required for 75% of the cohort. Nasal ala and tip were the most commonly reported defects.

Cartilage grafts were used in 57% of procedures, and the same proportion of patients underwent lining reconstruction.

The complication rate was 3.8%. Tip necrosis was the most commonly reported complication, along with partial flap loss. There was one fatality.

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