MedShift announces it has entered into a five-year strategic partnership with BTL Corporate. The companies are teaming up to integrate their services to provide a compelling adoption model for Emsculpt, BTL’s body sculpting device.

“MedShift is excited to expand our portfolio with this partnership to deliver transformative solutions,” says MedShift CEO, Brian Phillips, in a media release. “Together MedShift and BTL will provide our shared customers with treatments and solutions that can vastly improve their quality of life.”

The partnership will heighten awareness and deployment breadth of the Emsculpt device, designed to non-invasively harness high-intensity electromagnetic energy to firm muscle for a more toned figure.

Comments BTL VP, Scott Mills, “The MedShift-BTL partnership is a compelling association as our devices are uniquely complementary to MedShift’s device subscription model and marketing expertise,” states Scott Mills, VP of Marlborough, Mass-based BTL. “I have total faith that our combined capabilities will enable us to drive more business impact for our practices and improve device awareness for our patients.”

“We’re really looking forward to seeing what’s possible when we combine the Emsculpt device with MedShift’s technology. This partnership has amazing potential for both companies,” adds MedShift Advisor Dr. Bill Kortesis, board-certified plastic surgeon and Emsculpt practitioner.

As part of the partnership, Charlotte, NC-headquartered MedShift will integrate Emsculpt into its Tightening for Everything brand offerings, rendering skin-tightening options more accessible to a larger clientele.

By underpinning BTL’s devices with MedShift’s next-generation technological expertise and unique subscription model, the collaboration represents a step-change in the way both businesses are attacking the demands of the med-tech market.

[Source(s): MedShift, PRWeb]