The sun’s dark side, quantified: It is behind 80 percent of wrinkles and spots and is the primary cause of skin cancer. How can you enjoy a minute outdoors knowing that? The same way dermatologists do—with the clever protection methods they’ve developed to save their own skin.
They’ve read (or written) all the studies. They’ve researched and tested countless products. And they witness, daily, the effects of too much UV exposure in their patients. But in one very important way, dermatologists are just like us! They still go out into the world and worry about the health of their own skin.
So what do they actually do with this knowledge? How do they boil it down into doable steps for everyday mornings and beachday activities? We polled 23 top derms about the educated tweaks they make to a typical SPF routine. This full-access guide to protecting your skin like an M.D. starts with, of all things, toothpaste.