Establishment Labs Holdings Inc announces the events and activities planned for the month of October in support of Pink October and Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

“One in eight women will experience breast cancer in her lifetime. While survival rates have improved, the disease can still have a devastating impact on the lives of these women. For those women who seek breast reconstruction surgery, the availability remains tragically low, with less than 10% of women globally receiving a reconstruction after mastectomy and the waiting times in some countries as long as eight years. At Establishment Labs, supporting efforts to improve access and providing the tools needed to improve outcomes is our mission as a women’s health company.”

— Juan José Chacón-Quirós, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Establishment Labs

Pink October

As part of Pink October, Establishment Labs will again support its annual Pink is for Power breast reconstruction program in Brazil. This year, the company, in partnership with plastic surgeons and hospitals in more than 20 cities in the five regions of Brazil, will provide the resources needed to allow 200 women to receive breast reconstruction surgery.

“The diagnosis of cancer is a very scary time in any person’s life, and the journey to recovery requires a lot of strength and determination. Our objective with the Pink is for Power campaign is to contribute to the recovery of these women, as we believe that reconstruction goes far beyond a surgical intervention and directly impacts the return of patients to their lives.”

— Mariana Bonatto, Commercial Director for Establishment Labs Brazil

“While our support for breast reconstruction is present all year, we have several special events for Pink October. These include our annual Rosé for Reconstruction event at the Sixth World Symposium on Ergonomic Implants in Gardone Riviera, Italy, where we will announce the funding of an annual Scott Spear Memorial Grant to support research, education, and advocacy in breast reconstruction.

“We are also kicking off our partnership with the International Chess Federation, where Establishment Labs is sponsoring women’s chess events through 2022, including the World Women’s Team Championship being held this week in Sitges, Spain. Our support of women’s chess since 2017 further highlights our commitment to women in all aspects of life. We believe empowered women making smart choices is beautiful.”

— Heather Brennan, Head of US Commercial Operations

“October is a time to raise awareness and understanding of breast cancer; however, as a global medical device company in women’s health, Establishment Labs has a unique and important responsibility to bring to market technologies that can improve clinical and aesthetic outcomes

“The recent launch of our Motiva Flora tissue expander is the first step in a program we call Aesthetic Breast Recon, where Establishment Labs offers tools and techniques that allow women to receive reconstructive surgeries that achieve the aesthetic ideals to which they aspire. We believe that our innovations, in partnership with breast reconstruction surgeons, will create new standards in post-mastectomy outcomes and further transform breast cancer into a treatable disease from which women can fully recover.”

— Rosalyn Cole d’Incelli, Head of Global Regulatory and Clinical Affairs

October Events

Among the events Establishment Labs is sponsoring in October:

  • All month: Pink is For Power Breast Reconstruction Support; Brazil
  • October 1: Motiva Breast Health Day; Barcelona, Spain
  • October 2-3: Sponsorship of International Chess Federation (FIDE) World Women’s Team Championship; Sitges, Spain
  • October 15: Rosé for Reconstruction; Gardone Riviera, Italy
  • October 20: Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day and Patient Education Day; Virtual

[Source(s): Establishment Labs, Business Wire]