Body contouring surgery after massive weight loss improves long-term quality of life, a new study shows.

Dramatic weight loss often results in an excess of overstretched skin that can cause both functional and aesthetic issues including skin rashes and infections. Thirty three post-bariatric surgery patients completed the Obesity Psychosocial State Questionnaire about 7.2 years after undergoing body-contouring surgery. Participants reported a significant, mostly moderate to large, sustained improvement in their quality of life 7.2 years after body-contouring surgery, when compared to quality of life assessments conducted before body-contouring surgery.

“This study indicates a sustained quality of life improvement in post-bariatric patients after body contouring surgery, study authors conclude. “This suggests the importance of including reconstructive surgery as a component in the multidisciplinary approach in the surgical treatment of morbid obesity.”

The findings are published online ahead of print in Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery.