More than any other cosmetic procedure being performed today, rhinoplasties continue to be one of the most transformational both physically and emotionally. For recent rhinoplasty patient Monica F. of West Palm Beach, FL, the decision at age 44 to finally have the hump on the bridge of her nose taken down is one she has been contemplating since high school. So, why now? “I decided to do it now because I think no one will see me or even notice. So many people are home and we aren’t socializing as much. Plus, I can hide behind this,” she says, pointing to her face mask.

“I’ve never liked my side profile,” she explains a few weeks after surgery. “Every time I took a picture, it had to be straight-on. And when I didn’t like how it looked, I used the FaceTune app to edit my nose. I never went through with the surgery before because I was worried someone would notice. Then the pandemic happened, and it changed everything.”

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