One company claims to have already found a way to make rhinoplasty a nonsurgical procedure you can DIY in your own home.

Enter: nose lifters. This Japanese-based beauty product claims to give instant nose job results without any incisions or injections. The product is essentially a tiny splint made of soft PVC plastic that’s inserted into the nose to prop up the nostrils and tip of the nose for a more defined look. Surprisingly, the results are extremely noticeable—in a good way.

While the idea of a nonsurgical nose job seems tempting, Beverly Hills, CA, facial plastic surgeon, Kimberly J. Lee, MD, says the device could be potentially dangerous if misused. “It is likely uncomfortable to wear, as most people are not used to having something in their noses and it is likely to create some obstructive effect to the nasal airflow,” she explains.

Even scarier, the nose is an area that Dr. Lee dubs as the “danger triangle of the face,” meaning that it’s one of the more easily infected areas of the face. “If the device is reused and there is a break in the nasal mucosa you could potentially get an infection,” she explains.