From Brain Bloggers and its editor, Shaheen Lukhan, MD, comes the first in a series of posts called Ethics 101, which are intended to summarize and comment on "the entire ethical spectrum of behavior by doctors, patients, nurses, and the entire medical system.

The initial entry covers the nature of the unethical patient

A 36 year old man presents to his plastic surgeon for cosmetic deformity. He would like a rhinoplasty for his nose. This is something that he has always wanted done. His plastic surgeon asks him why he wants the surgery as he is a good looking guy who is fit with good self esteem. His surgeon asks him if he has ever had plastic surgery before. The patient says no. Thus the surgery is scheduled and both the doctor and patient agree to proceed.

During the surgery the surgeon finds significant scar tissue that clearly indicates a prior surgery. This circumstance significantly lengthens the surgery and complicates the surgery. Nevertheless due to the surgeon’s skill the surgery is successful.

Clearly this is a type of unethical behavior by the patient. One that could significantly increase the risks of the surgery for both the patient and the doctor.

Brain Bloggers is a unique place in cyberspace, calling itself "a focal point for attracting new minds beyond the science of the mind-and-brain and into the biopsychosocial model." We'll be watching this space closely for its reviews of medical ethics.