Stephen Almeida, the president and CEO of Novalis Medical LLC, Tampa, Fla, has more than 12 years of experience in the aesthetics industry. As the chief technology architect for Novalis and holder of two patents for light-based technology (with a third pending), he has an un­matched knowledge of the technologies available today—coupled with a great deal of insight into and enthusiasm for those just over the horizon.

We spoke with Almeida about the Clareon™ intense pulsed-light (IPL) system with Krypton technology and how it can benefit aesthetic practices.

What exactly is Krypton technology?

Krypton is a newly patented spectral-distribution technology available only from Novalis Medical. All pulsed-light companies use the same light source. Novalis is the only company to engineer a sophisticated spectral-output light source to optimize blood absorption, melanin absorption, and depth penetration to provide far superior results with fewer side effects. Using Krypton means that you get increased spectral output at longer wavelengths for better penetration, and decreased spectral output at shorter wavelengths—which means a lower incidence of undesirable tissue damage in your patients.

How effective is Krypton technology?

Krypton is highly successful with respect to the increased efficacy of results for patients and the dramatic reduction of inconvenient side effects traditionally associated with IPL treatments. In the past, some physicians have been reluctant to integrate light-based treatments into their practice because of the uncertainty of the results. Now, with Krypton technology, physicians can easily provide aesthetic services to their patients and be confident that the patients will be more than pleased.

We understand that Novalis also revolutionized the sales process by offering 60-day trials on your new Clareon product. Can you elaborate on this?

Absolutely. Sometimes we find physicians who are hesitant to integrate the technology, uncertain about whether their patient base is inclined to take advantage of these aesthetic services. For these customers, we offer a risk-free 60-day trial.

For a nominal fee, we deliver a brand-new machine, train the staff, and provide our full support for 60 days. The physician keeps all revenues generated during the trial period. If, at the end of the trial, he or she wants to keep the machine, the initial fee is applied to the purchase price. If for any reason the physician does not want to keep the machine, we simply pick it up, with no strings attached.

This has been an extremely popular program with our customers. Existing and new practices have benefited from adding a Clareon pulsed-light system.

Does Novalis have a program to support the physician’s marketing efforts?

We take great pride in providing outstanding marketing support to our customers. We want physicians to be able to grow their practice to the fullest extent possible. It is from this philosophy that our physician-support program grew.

We provide our customers with a wide array of promotional materials, from phone scripts and customizable artwork to administrative forms for patient files. We have just instituted a physician-finder program and are actively pursuing additional ways to support our customers.

Can we expect to see any exciting new developments from Novalis?

Yes, very soon! As proven innovators in our field, we have recently incorporated several new technologies into our IPL offerings, expanded our product line to include medical-grade microdermabrasion, and have a new breakthrough technology awaiting FDA approval that I am very excited to present to our customers. Keep watching Novalis! PSP