$3,000 for liposuction? The Groupon ad intrigued Arizona resident Bruce Trucker. But what the fine print didn’t say was that a licensed naturopath—not a board-certified plastic surgeon—would be the one performing the procedure on Tucker.

In the summer of 2019, Tucker contacted the office directly and booked it. But during the surgery, Tucker said he realized the deal may have been too good to be true. ‘I was feeling every jab that they made.’

Among the many issues Tucker would eventually lay out in a malpractice lawsuit, he said he could feel the surgery. “And it was starting to really hurt to where I was kind of grunting,” Tucker said. “Telling him to re-numb me because I was feeling every jab that they made.”

Following the surgery, Tucker said he was never given a compression garment which is typically used to assist in the healing process, reducing swelling and bruising. “That’s, like, very important for post-liposuction,” Tucker said. “No textbook I’ve ever seen says it’s an option. It’s mandatory. All the websites say it’s mandatory. He didn’t get it for me.”

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