Growth99’s platform is a digital marketing technology that focuses on website development, lead generation, and patient acquisition.

Growth99 has launched a software as a service (SaaS) platform with an artificial intelligence foundation to bring added value to clients in the technology space.

Growth99 has seen exponential growth through continuous technological and cloud-based advancements in the wake of the global health crisis.

Growth99 launched in the summer of 2017 and focused on review and reputation management based on location representation for cosmetics, aesthetics, health, and wellness spaces.

On the front-end, Growth99 is a digital marketing technology company that focuses on robust website development and lead generation that yields patient acquisition, driving traffic through a front-facing digital marketing platform.

On the back end lies Growth99+ includes features such as CRM, workflow automation, online booking, AI chatbots, virtual consultations, and their robust social media and marketing suite.

Growth99 provides continuous support with 24/7 coverage, allowing practice owners to make real-time recommendations to clients based on patient-specific metrics, business intelligence, and data-driven results.

Growth99 powers over 600 websites for medical clinics and practices across the U.S., Canada, and the United Kingdom, assisting top injectors and medical spas, such as Ruma Aesthetics, Beauty Lab + Laser, GFaceMD, Detroit Aesthetics Company, Pam Chaney Aesthetics, and Beautiphi Aesthetics Boutique.

They partner with dental offices and university hospitals such as the Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine (LECOM) to scale their business through technology solely based on SaaS products.

Growth99 partners with medical aesthetics, cosmetics, health, wellness, and plastic surgery practices and with associations and institutes such as the American Med Spa Association, Audrey Rose Institute, Ruma Academy, and Aesthetic Next.

“Our clients need a company and a platform that can help automate their business functionalities,” said Cameron Hemphill, Growth99 chief executive officer. “When you partner with a company like Growth99, you have solved two problems in the sense of the practice owner increasing productivity and giving them their time back, while generating new clients and empowering the consumer.”

Offering both sales and support as a whole, Growth99 has created a full-functioning ecosystem that continuously gets smarter with continued engagement, allowing for increased ingenuity within a system that automates key aspects of running a successful business.

Partnering with Growth99 gives the practice owners an end-to-end solution with one centralized platform to run a medical practice like a business.

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