Despite the slow economy, women and men are apparently still investing in themselves.

Statistics indicate the demand for anti-aging injections like Restylane, Radiesse or newly introduced Evolence remain popular, with nearly 4 million cosmetic injections procedures performed by qualified specialists in 2008, according to the Physicians Coalition for Injectable Safety.

However, the number of injections that are performed by unqualified physicians or non-physicians is unknown, as well as the amount of injections performed using imported, counterfeit or otherwise illegal injectable substances.

In a statement, the coalition offered patients three pieces of advice, relating to their decisions to consider or undergo appearance-enhancing injections. First, consult an expert, evaluating his or her skill level and determining the expected result of the procedure. Also, patients shouldn’t accept substitutes, the coalition warned. Lastly, patients should take injections seriously and should remember that medical procedures carry the risk of side effects.

[Source: Original press release]