Skincare system provider IntuiSkin, a wholly owned subsidiary of the MEMSCAP group, has launched operations for its IOMA Concepts in the United States.

Under the direction Managing Director of US business development Erika Mangrum, the French-based company has opened an office in Raleigh, N.C.

InTuiSkin offers two main products, Skin Evidence for IOMA and IOMA Derm. Skin Evidence, which uses patented technology to measure subtle changes in the skin, includes sensors, imaging technologies, integrated electronics and complex algorithms to analyze the skin so that skin care professionals can quantify the reactions of the skin.

IOMA Derm, a line of products designed to combat the specific problems identified by Skin Evidence, is consisted of products that are paraben free, fragrance free and not tested on animals. There are five categories of IOMA Derm products. The Alpha Skincare products for hydration, the Sigma products for regeneration/anti-aging, the Delta products for lightening; Zeta products for sebum regulation and the Omega Skincare products that reduce inflammation and rosacea.

[Source: Original press release]