Elevai Labs Inc., a medical aesthetic biotechnology company specializing in physician-dispensed skincare, announces Evolve Medical Inc. as the exclusive distributor of Elevai Skincare products in Canada. The Elevai E-Series product range, a pre-and post-procedure skincare system developed with a proprietary stem cell exosome technology, will now be available to dermatologists and plastic surgeons throughout Canada. 

Elevai’s expansion into Canada taps into the $6 billion North American physician dispensed cosmeceuticals market size, according to company officials. Industry numbers and trends for Canada typically run parallel to those of the U.S. at a tenth of the scale, indicating robust opportunities in this new market.

Evolve Medical CEO Sharon Clarke says, “After 35 years in cosmetic dermatology and skincare, I’ve been fortunate to launch products like Juvéderm 1 and Botox Cosmetic2 in Canada as well as bringing best-in-class medical skincare products including ZO Skin Health and skinbetter science to Canada. I’ve been waiting for a series of products that will not only take us to a new level in anti-aging but will also change the way we think about aging. Elevai is about to change our world.”

The key ingredient in Elevai products is the patent-pending Elevai Exosome technology, company officials say. As exosomes penetrate the skin, they mimic the body’s natural healing responses. 

Skin damage and extrinsic aging caused by exposure to daily aggressors like pollution and UVA/UVB can benefit from exosomes, supporting improved blood flow as well as promoting collagen and elastin production to reveal rejuvenated skin from the inside out, according to Elevai officials.