In the video to Find My Way, Paul McCartney doesn’t look a day over, uh, the year 1966-67 when the ‘Paul is dead’ theory started working its way around the world, fuelled by John Lennon singing “Here’s another clue for you all / the walrus was Paul” on Glass Onion, having the singer shown barefoot, walking out of step with his bandmates on the cover of Abbey Road album, and playing Revolution 9 backwards sounds like hearing the words “turn me on, dead man” on repeat.

What Paul has helped to do on the 2021 video is simply ‘de-age’, the hip word Silicon Valley has been marketing for a few years. On the McCartney III Imagined edition of Find My Way (featuring Beck), director Andrew Donoho makes a Beatle-worthy young Paul dance through a hotel hallway (and more), culminating in a pull-off-the-mask moment to reveal Beck.

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