Millennial-social-media-tipsMore than 70% of millennial females aren’t regularly wearing sunscreen, and they aren’t too worried about aging, either, according to a new survey conducted by RealSelf.

Aged 18 to 33 today, the millennials, also called Generation Y, were born between the early 1980s to the early 2000s, and they are known largely for their use and familiarity with all things digital.

The new survey included US women aged 18 to 44. Of those aged 18 to 24, 77% said they “never” wear sunscreen or do so “only while at the beach,” with less than 10% reporting wearing sun protection every day or 5 to 6 days per week. Faring better, 27% of respondents aged 25 to 34 reported that they wear sunscreen every day or 5 to 6 days per week, and this same group was also slightly more likely to consider having some cosmetic “work.”

Specifically, of women aged 25 to 34, 25% were somewhat or very likely to consider cosmetic procedures. By contrast, 17% of women aged 18 to 24 were somewhat or very likely to consider a cosmetic procedure.

When asked, “Do you buy skincare products that claim to provide anti-aging benefits,” 88% of respondent’s aged 18 to 24 said no. What’s more, 85% of respondents aged 18 to 24 said they don’t feel pressure to look younger, either.

Forty one percent of respondents aged 18 to 24 said that acne was their biggest skin concern, and 16% said oiliness or dryness. Among those aged 25 to 34, 30% said acne and 20% reported oiliness or dryness as their major skin concerns. Respondents aged 35 to 44 were more concerned with dark spots/discoloration (19%) and wrinkles (17%).