Tori Smith, registered nurse at Elevate Medical Spa, says her favorite treatment for epidermal rejuvenation is ProFractional Laser ($1,000 to $1,500). It uses the body’s wound-healing response system to resurface and tighten skin, increasing collagen and evening out skin tone (goodbye, sun spots). “I think most patients 35 and up should have it done at least once a year for anti-aging,” Smith says.

“You can start early for acne scars and remodeling of the skin, though most patients want the treatment for skin laxity and texture. I also think it’s one of the best treatments to tighten the skin under the eyes.” The treatment is minimally invasive but will require some downtime. Smith says to plan on staying in for a couple days; after about five days, patients can apply makeup again. She also recommends getting IPL photo-facials two to three times a year to maintain skin health and prevent aging.

Must-have product in 2017: ZO’s Ossential Daily Power Defense, which uses DNA repair enzymes to undo damage and protect your skin in the future.