When I was a camp counselor in Maine for a summer, everyone’s shower routine went something like this: Turn on water, rotate body 360 degrees, turn off water. In an actual society, however, that won’t quite cut it. There are weird things you’re not doing in the shower, but probably should be. Yep. Turns out you very well might have been showering wrong your entire life, because loads of us have been missing essential steps in our shower routines that keep skin looking healthy and beautiful.

As a result, I got in touch with two dermatologists to ask them their take on the matter — because no one knows great expert-approved skin care habits quite like the professionals. Dr. Sonoa Au, MD (a cosmetic and medical dermatologist in New Jersey and Brooklyn) as well as Dr. Derek V. Chan, MD, PhD (a cosmetic and medical dermatologist in Manhattan, Staten Island, and Westchester) were more than willing to answer my questions and shed some light on the issue of proper skin care in the shower. If you’re afraid you’re missing a few weird things you should be doing in the shower, and are looking to revamp your hygiene routine, check out these dermatologists’ best advice.