Electrosurgical Pencil Adapter

PenAdapt, from Buffalo Filter, is an electrosurgical pencil adapter made of soft, latex-free silicone. Said to be compatible with nearly all brands of electrosurgical pencils, PenAdapt is used to capture smoke plumes generated at the surgical site to help protect personnel. The packaging is said to minimize the hassle of assembly in the sterile field and includes Velcro straps to keep the ESU wire well organized. The end-clip design incorporates a unique 45° angle to help relieve the pull of tubing associated with competitive products. PenAdapt can be used with most smoke evacuation systems, and may also be used with filtered wall suction.

For more information, contact Buffalo Filter, 595 Commerce Dr, Buffalo, NY 14228; (800) 343-2324; www.buffalofilter.com.

Lip Care System

For full, healthy lips, turn to Lip Kit by KMR Communications Inc. This five-step system includes Lip Renew, which exfoliates the lips, followed by Lip Dew, which may be used for extra moisture around the lips and eyes. Lip plump contains I-arginine and nicotinic acid, and brings fullness to lips by increasing blood flow into the cells. Lip Keep may be applied as a sealer over lipstick for a long-lasting look.

For additional information, contact KMR Communications Inc, 114 E 32nd St, Suite 1200, New York 10016; (212) 213-6444; www.thelipclinic.com.

YAG Laser

Candela Corp offers GentleYAG, which treats a wide range of conditions from unwanted hair and vascular lesions to PFB. GentleYAG may also be used to treat all skin types, including tanned skin. The laser’s 1.5 mm and 3 mm spot sizes can easily trace and remove leg veins as well as facial veins. The YAG Laser requires fewer pulses to treat equivalent areas, making hair-removal treatment more comfortable. Repetition rates up to 2 Hz and variable pulse durations from 0.250 to 300 ms allow treatment of fine and course hairs, and small and large leg veins. The laser is available with Dynamic Cooling Device (DCD), an optional patented cooling technology that provides consistent and reproducible patient protection.

For more information, contact Candela Corp, 530 Boston Post Rd, Wayland, MA 01778; (800) 821-2013, ext 283; www.candelalaser.com.

Eliminate Spider Veins

Intromark Inc offers Angelicare™ Spider Vein Treatment System to help reduce spider veins. The three-step system includes Ultra Nutricreme, which contains essential vitamins and Emu oil to soothe the skin from abrasion. The heat and massage skin stimulator introduces activity to the affected area and stimulates blood flow. The system also includes a nutritional pamphlet, “The Proper Way to Heal Thyself, which offers hints towards achieving health and total well being.

For additional information, contact Intromark Inc, 217 Ninth St, Pittsburgh, PA 15222-3506; (800) 851-6030.

Online Education

Physician’s Choice of Arizona, Inc introduces E-Learning, a new approach to continuing education in the field of clinical aesthetics. The 90-minute online course on PCA skin clinical care product formulations includes an in-depth discussion on the benefits of using biocompatible ingredients. The interactive case studies help create sample regimens for different skin conditions. The course also provides detailed information and demonstrations on how to effectively assess patients’ needs and expectations and includes proven PCA marketing support strategies to help boost profitability potential. The online course is accessible to any computer with Internet access. To view a sample clip of the course, visit www.pcaskin.com and click on the PCA Interactive Online Education link.

For more information, contact Physician’s Choice of Arizona Inc, 8501 N Scottsdale Rd Suite 150, Scottsdale, AZ 85253; (877) PCA-SKIN; www.pcaskin.com.

Skin Rejuvenation System

Clarity Clinical Skin Care by Advanced Medical Aesthetics is a skin Rejuvenation system free of all unnecessary and harmful chemical additives. The skin care line includes skin peels and pre- and post-treatment products for all skin conditions. It is formulated to treat skin conditions such as fine lines and wrinkles, oily and acne-prone skin, pigmentation problems, dry or cracked skin, and sun-damaged skin.

For more information, contact Advanced Medical Aesthetics, 7 Orchestra Ln, Aliso Viejo, CA 91320; (805) 499-8432; www.clarityclinicalskincare@hotmail.com.

Medical Light

For a more economical alternative to expensive lighting, turn to Tri-Star Medical Light™ by Sunnex. It is ideal for examination and minor surgery applications and provides both bright and cool light that can easily be directed wherever needed. Tri-Star is available in mobile and wall configurations and features a light pattern of a 5-inch diameter at 24 inches. It also offers balanced light distribution within a 7-inch perimeter. Equipped with more than 4,000 foot candles of filtered infrared light, Tri-Star features a 3,000 Kelvin cool temperature and a 17-inch dual flex arm for ideal lighting focus. A 30-inch extension arm, offered in the wall mount model, provides exceptional reach and a mobile upright stand that can be vertically adjusted up to 7 feet for optimal light positioning. It is available in 115V or 220V versions. Two built-in handles provide easy positioning of light and 180 degree rotation of lamphead. Tri-Star also features a 360-degree rotation at the base of a 20-inch flexible gooseneck.

For additional information, contact Sunnex Inc, 3 Huron Dr, Natick, MA 01760-1314; (800) 445-7869; www.sunnexonline.com.

Eye & Lip Serum

Colorescience offers Crystalscience Eye and Lip Serum, containing vitamin E, aloe vera, and organically grown essential oils. Crystalscience Eye Serum is infused with natural ingredients to help tighten skin and treat puffy, red eyes and dark circles. The Lip Serum contains a lip plumper to improve the contour of the lips over time, and is available in orange, grape, red, and fuscia-pink shades.

For more information, contact Colorescience, 24501 Del Prado Ave, Dana Point, CA 92629; (866) 426-5673; www.colorescience.com.

Skin Renewal System

Theraderm by Therapon Skin Health is a simple system that promotes healthy, younger-looking skin. Theraderm includes a cleansing wash, fruit acid exfoliant, reparative gel, and a choice of moisturizers that work together to treat fine lines, rough, dry skin, and sun-damaged skin.

For more information, contact Therapon Skin Health, 2081 Dime Dr, Springdale, AR 72764; (800) 443-7549; www.therapon.com.

Radio Frequency Indentification Chip

Buffalo Filter® introduces RFID (radio frequency identification) technology into its PlumeSafe® Whisper® Turbo Smoke Evacuation Systems, which provides constant communication tracking and control between the filter and the smoke evacuation system. RFID is built into each ViroSafe® filter. The invisible microchip interacts with the smoke evacuator to track and record filter life, usage history, and the product’s profile, which enables the user to utilize multiple filters interchangeably with ease of use, cost savings, compliance, improves service, and protection.

For more information, contact Buffalo Filter, 595 Commerce Dr, Buffalo, New York 14228; (800) 343-2324; www.buffalofilter.com.

Business Web Site

The Laser Network introduces an advanced laser & IPL Web site database, www.thelasertrader.com, geared toward simplifying the navigation process through the complexities of lasers and IPL’s, while helping to determine which system best fits a physician’s needs. The Web site includes such advances as an all-encompassing historical manufacturer/model listing, the ability to search for a system by manufacturer or procedure, and the capacity to do side-by-side comparisons of various laser models. The user may also research warranties and aftermarket service programs or investigate certified clinical training and after-sale support.

For more information, contact The Laser Network, 19336 Goddard Ranch Court, Suite 201-203, Morrison, Colo 80465; (866) 597-6895; www.thelasertrader.com.