Henry Schein Medical Systems, Melville, NY, introduces Maxi-Guard eyewear, which features shatter-resistant, polycarbonate lenses for maximum protection during procedures. The glasses fit comfortably and have a durable, scratch-resistant coating. The eyewear is available with metal frames (pictured) or plastic frames with blue or black rubber grips, and it meets ANSI Z87+ standards for eye and face protection.

Henry Schein Medical Systems


BENEV Co Inc, Mission Viejo, Calif, introduces SkinStamp Vertical Micro-Needle Therapy, a handheld micro-needle transdermal therapy device that creates less potential for post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and no downtime while still offering skin-rejuvenation results. According to the company, it is an effective delivery system for topical skin solutions, creating temporary micro-channels with micro-fine stainless steel needles (0.8 mm length) for ingredients to travel through to deeper layers. It can be used on all skin types, including Asian and Latin skin, and it can even be used on active acne to promote increased oxygen to clogged pores.

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Obagi Medical, Long Beach, Calif, offers its Obagi Rosaclear System, which provides gentle skincare to calm inflamed, irritated skin affected by rosacea. The product family includes Gentle Cleanser to clean sensitive skin, Metronidazole Topical Gel USP (prescription only) to treat papules and postules, Hydrating Complexion Corrector to protect and moisturize the skin and reduce redness, and Skin Balancing Sun Protection SPF 30 to protect the skin.

Obagi Medical


Skin Research Laboratories, Chatsworth, Calif, offers neuLash, an eyelash conditioner that protects lashes against breakage, hydrates them, and keeps them healthy—making them appear longer and thicker. neuLash offers maximum protection for lashes by delivering essential proteins, vitamins, peptides, and moisturizing and rejuvenating ingredients to replenish and strengthen lashes. The result is healthier and thicker-looking lashes in as little as 2 weeks, with maximum results in 8 weeks. neuLash can also be applied to the eyebrows for the same results.

Skin Research Laboratories
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ESBA Laboratories Inc, Jupiter, Fla, introduces Quench PT post-treatment balm, which is designed for application immediately after procedures such as laser hair removal, electrolysis, acid peels, filler injections, and photofacials. It soothes the skin by preventing and controlling inflammation and its symptoms: burning sensation, redness, and swelling. More than 70% of its ingredients are certified organic, and it contains no animal products or alcohol; therefore, it is suitable for use on sensitive skin.

ESBA Laboratories
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