Dr. Plaque, although practicing in a small town, is a renowned expert in psoriasis. He has practiced for 20 years, has been involved in numerous FDA trials for biologic agents used to treat psoriasis, and offers every known treatment for psoriasis. His expertise is clearly in the use of biologics. Such patients are often difficult to treat; some have a variety of other medical issues. He often treats those psoriatic patients who are eligible for phototherapy with biologics. He routinely does a variety of blood test and carefully follows his patients. Two years ago, one of these patients had acute onset liver failure with death in two months. It turned out the patient was using biologics to treat his psoriasis as well as taking daily acetaminophen.

The estate of this patient has now brought a multimillion dollar lawsuit against Dr. Plaque, alleging that he should have warned his patient not to use these two drugs together. Is there any basis for such a lawsuit?

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