Wet wipes are commonly used and there are a variety of products available: baby, makeup, toilet, household, personal hygiene and healthcare wipes to name a few. Why do we need so many? Are we living in a world of wet wipe overload and over reliance on them? Have we become lazy?

These products come with potential problems both environmentally and dermatologically and I have a personal interest as a dermatology nurse. From a dermatology perspective the skin sites exposed to these products may develop hand, perianal, vulval, napkin, facial or eyelid dermatitis.1 These reactions may be an irritant reaction occurring as a direct result of physical damage or by cumulative damage to the skin from substances such as wipes, detergents, soaps etc. Additionally, it can also an allergic reaction to the wipes ingredients fragrances and preservatives such as: methylisothiazolinone (MI).