Pampering your skin is important year-round, but it’s even more vital during the winter months when skin is taking a beating from cold, dry air. When temperatures drop, most people find that their skin loses moisture, which can result in dry, itchy, irritated skin, says Nada Elbuluk, MD, an assistant professor in the dermatology department at New York University School of Medicine and a Skin of Color Society Board Member.

“Any scratching, inflammation, [and] irritation is more likely to lead to darkening of the skin, or what we call hyperpigmentation,” Dr. Elbuluk tells Health. “In darker skin, we’re even more cautious of that because that pigmentation can last for a long time.”

We asked dermatologists who specialize in darker skin to share the simple tips that can help keep your skin healthy this winter. Here, eight important steps to pamper your skin all season long.