You popped that zit, didn’t you? The zit that we’ve told you over and over and over again not to touch, but the damn thing was staring you down in the mirror, and the temptation was just too strong, and now you’re stuck in a pit of self-loathing with an oozy bump on your face and a meeting in 30 minutes and oh my god.

Yeah, I’ve been there (literally last week, actually). It was the morning before a giant, very important event called life, and I was convinced this sucker wouldn’t die down before I had to leave for work. So I called one of my favorite dermatologists who, thankfully, checks her phone frequently—yeah, as a beauty editor, your best buds end up being derms—asking her what to do. I fully expected her to say something boring and basic about salicylic acid and an ice cube, but her response actually surprised me.