A recent survey commissioned by the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) shows that 82% of adults polled identified heredity as the primary cause of hair loss, but that only 15% of respondents said they would first seek out a hair restoration specialist if they were losing their locks. 

“While the survey shows that the majority of people know that they only have to look as far as their family tree to determine the root of their hair loss, there appears to be confusion about who they should consult about it,” says Paul T. Rose, MD, JD, president of the ISHRS. “Early detection and intervention are essential to treating and preventing future hair loss. This common medical condition should be evaluated and treated by a physician specially trained in hair loss and restoration.”

The survey found that a majority of adults (58%) believe stress and medical causes can trigger hair loss. Younger adults, aged 18 to 24, are most likely to think over-brushing hair (24%) and shampooing too much (20%) can cause hair loss.

When asked who they would first seek advice from if they were experiencing hair loss, 40% said they would consult a primary care or family physician, 16% would consult a dermatologist, 8% would turn to a friend or family member, and 7% would turn to a hairstylist.

[www.ISHRS.org, July 21, 2006]