The cops in Sugar Land, Texas, classified case number 19-4317 as a “business burglary”, but that label hardly does it justice. Captured on surveillance video, the scene unfolds like a cross between Desperate Housewives and a low-budget heist movie: a blond woman in black yoga pants and a pink top pulls up to a strip-mall medical spa in a Mercedes SUV , cuts a hole in the spa’s glass door with a cordless saw, slips inside, and jogs away with two bulging shoulder bags allegedly containing $7,000 worth of anti-ageing products, most of it Botox.

“I thought it would be a big, burly guy throwing a brick through the front window,” says Alonzo Perez, the owner of BotoxRN, the burgled spa. “But this was someone 5ft 1in and 100lb.”