Medspa provider, The Skin Center, is offering advice to patients on how to achieve safe, natural-looking results with Botox.

The Skin Center operates six medical spas across the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania region and recently opened a clinic in Murrysville.

Botox is one of the fastest-growing aesthetic treatments, known for its wrinkle-reducing effects that are more effective than comparative treatments with topical skincare cream.

According to Allergan Aesthetics, the makers of Botox, 2.4 million Botox treatments have already been administered in 2022. Botox is also increasingly being used by men, and The Skin Center has seen a 67% increase in male Botox patients this past year.

As a result, many new Botox users have questions about the treatment, hoping for advice on how to get optimal results.

“The number 1 question I get from first-time Botox clients is, will my face look frozen?” said Debra Thomas, a certified aesthetic nurse provider at The Skin Center. “Every bottle of Botox is the same—it’s a regulated drug. So the critical factor in getting natural-looking results is all about the provider who is injecting the Botox.”

Thomas’s advice is to go to a medical spa with an established reputation. Always ask questions like, how long has the provider been doing Botox? How many patients have they treated?

On treatment day, before you start, it is also essential to ask a provider to show the bottle of Botox first.

“It’s scary to think that there is counterfeit Botox out there, but there is,” said Thomas. “If you see Botox advertised at a ridiculously cheap price, double-check you are getting the real thing first.”

Avoid Botox parties. Just because Botox has become popular doesn’t mean patients should get it anywhere other than in a medically supervised, safe, and clean clinic, adds Thomas.

Lastly, The Skin Center recommends asking for emergency contact information. A reputable provider will provide instructions on what to do for any questions or concerns outside of business hours.

“At The Skin Center, we’ve been doing Botox for 20 years, since it was first approved by the FDA,” said Thomas. “This means that not only do you have tenured providers with great experience, but that new providers coming on board are getting the best training and supervision as well.”

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