Even though polls suggest that nearly half of all British teenaged girls want some type of plastic or cosmetic surgery, a UK-based PSA campaign has appeared warning against such surgery. Quoted poll results provide the most interesting part of this article:

Its 2009 and 2010 national polls of girls aged seven to 21 surveyed 1,109 and 1,200 girls respectively. They revealed:

o More than 10% aged 11 to 16 would consider cosmetic surgery to change the way they look;
o Girls as young as 10 want to be thin, with half aged 11 to 16 eating less to stay slim;
o One in eight aged 11 to 16 would consider having a gastric band or plastic surgery; and,
o One in 20 would think about Botox

The “girl guides” are sponsored and disseminated via Girlguiding UK, the national girlguiding organization (think Girl Scouts for an American equivalent). Guides aim to discourage girls:

Girlguiding UK says its “shocking” surveys show up to 48% of girls aged 16 to 21 would consider cosmetic surgery.

They also suggest 47% of girls think the pressure to look attractive is the most negative part of being female.

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